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Invisible Soft Return:\


What if you are forced to be more than you ever dreamed? And there's a cosmic gun pointed at your head to make sure you'll do it. Murderer or creator? That's Evet's choice in the 23rd Century...

Evet is a boundary-testing writer in the future who is attacked from the past. Accused of murder, she races to escape an alluring police torturer and her own crisscrossing identities that everyone seems to know better than she does. In a lonely cosmos with the latest drugs, she rebels in the oldest way: she fights against getting caught.

But when she's forced to know other lives, the wind of eternity stops her. She learns the terror that an ultimate power may be hers: control over life and death.

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Until You See Me

A Novel & Screenplay "Do Not Deliver"

Why does a woman admit to a dismemberment murder so horrible the body can't be identified as a man or a woman? Because it's better than what she really did. It was the crime of the decade in 1932. Grotesque. And it really happened, although not quite this way.


The dismembered, decomposing body is found stuffed in a steamer trunk. Pearl Tild confesses to it because it is a distraction. If everyone thinks about death, no one will ask about love... who she loves, and why.

This murder is a love story, or the end of one. The eternal triangle goes terribly wrong because these three people really love each other. But their love is too much. It's what drives Pearl, her controlling husband, and the "other woman" to fight for their lives. They fight to the death for what they can't live without...each other.

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The Assistance of Vice

A Novel

Crossing the boundaries of literature and sexual culture, The Assistance of Vice tells the story of a New York City woman living on the edge. It's 1983 and "She" is faced with a dilemma. Choosing between numerous female lovers should be easy, but then, too, so should making it in the art world as a talented photographer. 

Degnore propels the reader from shock to reflection. She's created a work of erotic philosophy that is sometimes jagged, sometimes gentle, but always honest.

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The French Connection

A True Story (No Longer in Print)

Edmond Taillet was France's most popular singer, and its most notorious heroin smuggler--part of the real French Connection. This is his story.

Stuck Up

A Novel 

He took a step forward. She could not retreat from the gaze that assaulted her, challenged her. It made her feel she had to prove her strength like she did with an unbroken stallion first brought to her stables. To waver would mean the powerful beast would run roughshod over her if she did not show enough courage.


Being the shrewd horsewoman she was, though, she would never allow this degradation to happen. And since she had more knowledge of horses than of men her only way to respond to the well-turned buckskinned figure was in the way she knew best.


She took control... The Nabobs, men of great wealth, were a particular type of aristocrat in the 1850s of the Old South. They ruled over Natchez, Mississippi. There were forty families recorded in historical documents in this narrow nobility. Their rules for society, their beloved horse races and for their women especially, were strict and breaking them was unheard of--except for a risk-taker like young Antonia Richardson.


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Gold Digger

She had never been so close to any man before. Their bodies pushed together, forced by the tempest to become as close as one person. She could feel his muscles straining against her back. Every new blow to the ship from each careening wave made him thrust closer against her. He said it was to protect her. She wasn't so sure… GOLD!


The cry sparked a frenzy when the first nugget was picked up at Sutter's Mill in California. The lure of the precious metal drew local pioneers and their long- suffering wives to shallow riverbeds to pan for the glitter. But the news spread to the East Coast as well.


There, where some established families had already lived through their fortunes, the prospect of new resources made them leave the comfort of drawing rooms to endure the hazards of travel to search for gold.

A Novel 


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My Other Books Written Under Pseudonyms

  • Renegade Hearts, Carolyn Chase – Dell Books, New York

  • Between the Lines, Roberta Dennis – Silhouette Books, New York

  • A Woman of New Orleans, Rochel DeNorre – Banbury-Dell Books, New York

  • Love Alone, R. Patricia Dillon – Jove Press, New York

  • Wildfire Woman, Marianna Spring – Dell Books, New York

  • Minglewood Manor, (ghostwritten) – Zebra Books, New York

  • Rebel in Love, Rochel Denore – Ace Books, New York

  • An Innocent Heart, Rochel Denore – Ace Books, New York

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